What We Need To Fix

"I'm a firm believer in getting results and saying what needs to be said instead of rhetoric with no results and no urgency. There are major structural problems we have ignored for way too long and it's time to give them the sense of urgency they need to be addressed"
- Clinton Brown
End Homelessness Now Act
AB-2 declares the Homeless Crisis a State of Emergency and outlines state mandated processes and procedures to address homelessness; including funding for mental health facilities and treatment programs, required treatment for individuals that are a danger to themselves or others, suspension of all zoning requirements for emergency shelters to ensure a bed for every person and therefore eliminating unsheltered sleeping in public areas. 
This Act: 
  1. Fully funds mental health facilities, including new, existing and emergency facilities; outlines a formula for cities and jurisdictions to reimburse the state for the emergency funding.
  2. Creates a standardized process and procedures in implementing the State of Emergency Homeless Crisis Act, including electronic reporting to the Attorney General. 
  3. Creates financial and legal consequences for cities and jurisdictions that do not implement the law expeditiously; requires any lawsuit brought against the law’s implementation go directly to the Attorney General’s Office for defense. 
The Homeless Crisis is a State of Emergency
CA-54 is a diverse, compassionate place and it's sad to see our brothers and sisters living on the streets in conditions that we wouldn't let our pets live in. The responsibility of government is to ensure that our communities are safe and clean for everyone. This is a crisis that has become an acceptable way to let people live and it's not! Title V of the McKinney-Vento Act allows for the transfer of federal surplus buildings to local and state governments (non-profits as well) to help the homeless become sheltered. There is no reason why we can't work together at the local, state and federal level to take advantage of this opportunity and save our tax money and get the homeless sheltered. 
Your Issue Here

What's important to you? Please tell Clinton what change you would like to see in our district!

State of Emergency Housing Reform Act

AB-1 declares the housing shortage is a State Emergency and outlines mandatory zoning reforms for the State of California to ensure that housing supply keeps up with demand.
This Act 
  1. Eliminates height restrictions for all residential and commercial zones, except within 1 mile of a military base or airport.  
  2. Rezones all residential properties within 1 mile of a major transit line, including but not limited to rail, freeways or main throwaways to maximum density allowed under state law.  
  3. Creates a state-wide approved plans database that developers can get approval in 72 hours or less from the local planning department. 
  4. Requires that projects be approved or rejected within 14 business days or application completion and outlines a state appeal process. 
  5. Creates financial and legal penalties for cities or jurisdictions that fail to implement reforms expeditiously. 
A True 21st Century Infrastructure
Infrastructure is the lifeblood of economic growth and quality of life. The digital infrastructure of the future is not going to be fully realized if we don't create the hard infrastructure to foster that growth; roads, bridges, tunnels, desalinization plants, trains, highways, schools and public places. I'm sure more could be added to the list. If we don't invest in our infrastructure and build things then our economic and quality of life looks bleak in the future. 
Data-Driven Government
In our occupations and everyday lives we are more likely than ever to use data to make big and small decisions alike. Why can't our government use data to make good policy decisions too? The United States Census provides the best data in the world and we should leverage the federal agency to ensure our district has the best data and that elected representatives are using it for public policy decisions. 
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